Environmental Management Certificate

Preparing yourself for a 'green' economy? Gain the most recent specialized knowledge and skills needed for effective practice in the dynamic field of environmental management.

Explore uniquely Canadian problems within a global perspective. Learn systems, processes, tools, strategies, risk management techniques and legal requirements that help you assess and manage air, water, soil and waste. The Environmental Management Certificate program blends theory and practice while focusing on the need for sustainable development and the use of market-driven solutions.

Who should attend?

  • University and college graduates looking to transition into the environmental sector.

  • Professionals with credentials from other countries who are looking for a Canadian perspective on the industry and a credential to add to their resume.

  • Working professionals seeking to expand their knowledge

  • Researchers, Professors and Lecturers. 

  • New/aspiring managers interested in developing their business acumen

  • Professionals interested in future leadership roles within their organization

  • Individuals with workplace experience who would like to move into the environmental sector.

  • Anyone with a keen interest in the environment.


This is a direct enrolment program. Simply register for the program online.

This certificate is designed for adult learners from all walks of life and educational backgrounds. To qualify for admission into this program, you must be:

  • a mature student (over 21 and out of school for at least 2 years with no significant post-secondary education); OR

  • have successfully attended at least a year of college or university; OR

  • otherwise be eligible for admission to the University

If you’re not sure, contact us so that we can talk with you about your specific situation.

Key Features of Environmental Management Training Course:

Environmental Sustainability - Environmental Thought and Policy
Geography - Resource Management and Sustainability
Environmental Sustainability- Environmental Biotechnology 
Environmental Sustainability - Energy and the Environment
Biology - Environmental Biology
Environmental Sustainability  - Materials, Manufacturing and Waste

Courses Schedule

March 15,2021 

April 15,2021

May 15, 2021

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